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It’s 2021. With a constant barrage of social media posts one often wonders if a website is still relevant. Regardless of what anybody thinks having a website especially today is essential to any online success. 

Every Business Needs a GOOD Website to build a web presence

A good website for your business can capture people

Whether it’s a business or a non-for-profit or just an idea having a strong web presence is the basic starting point for a strong online presence. 

The team at top web design has over the years narrowed their focus on providing a strong scalable web design and development infrastructure for businesses.

Having a website that lists a company’s products or services along with images and other vital information is the starting point which can bring a lot of traffic to the website. 

That single website can be used for content generation on social media posts. little bits of information can be extracted and posted on Twitter while linking back to the original site. 

Similarly images from the site can be posted on Instagram with reference to the website

This can be done with Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media platform to help promote the website and its content.

When thinking about bringing people to a website it’s important to understand how humans use the internet. 

It’s not just search engines that bring people to a website. There’s also social media. Different people use different social media some of them use more than others some less. 

Regardless it’s important to make a website with good content and good information and also use social media to extend it.

Who is Top Web Design

The team at top web design started building websites in 1996. Since then they have developed collectively thousands of websites for all kinds of businesses. 

Top Web Design is located at

No matter what kind of business a small startup or a “mom and pop shop” or a large corporate website. 

In most cases experience really matters. 

in the early days of web development when a simple notepad and HTML code ruled the web is when these guys started building websites. 

As web technology evolved it remained vital to keep upgrading their skills.

so understandably the technology used today by the team at top web design is second to none. 

Understanding and utilizing the latest platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal is almost a second language to top web design

Top Web Design also comfortably deal with issues related to domain registration, hosting website speed and security backup and all the things that really matter in developing and maintaining a top quality leading business website. 

They are Located in the greater Toronto area in Canada. Additionally being on the Eastern Time zone aligned with New York city is ideal. This enables them to serve clients in Canada and the US. 

What are the services offered

As simple as it may sound a focus on just building websites can actually be quite deep. 

A wide range of services is offered by Top Web Design

There are all kinds of websites some are basic introductory websites while others offer complicated login to database placing of orders returning products and so much more. 

The team at top web design offers

How do customers feel about working with them

When speaking to the team at top web design one of the things that struck me was that they have maintained customers since the beginning of the business almost 15 years ago. This is done by maintaining a human relationship and by helping the client’s business grow over the years. 

A Happy Customer is the best business strategy says the team at Top Web Design

Many clients have positive reviews for the team at top web design and this can also be seen publicly. 

When a business owner reaches out to top web design with a simple need for improving a website these guys really step up. 

Along with revamping or updating a website they offer a number of services such as improving search engine rankings and driving more natural organic traffic to the client’s website.

Content creation, writing quality articles, blogging, making videos and social media content is one of the most important skills required in the web design and development industry. The guys at top web design definitely have a good grip on these skills as well. 

It would serve well to talk about email and email marketing at this point as well. when working with top web design I noted that they’re quick to respond via email even if it means just acknowledging receipt of the email. 

I think that’s small aspect is really important. Some of us are used to seeing notifications telling us our messages received. Email doesn’t really give us that assurance and somebody who is good enough to reply to an email immediately is appreciated by me.

Moreover top web design can help businesses develop and email marketing and mailing list. Additionally they can create and send out emails on your behalf on a regular basis whether it is monthly weekly or even daily. 

How do I contact them

Located in Toronto Canada the team at top web design makes themselves available by phone, text messaging, WhatsApp live website chat and various other platforms. 

They are easy to talk to and communicate well and are available from early morning on the East coast until well after end of business on the west coast of North America. 


A lot goes into running a business and a strong reliable website and web presence is definitely one of those things. 

Business owners have a lot on their plate and the last thing they need is to work with somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Top web design is it ideal partner for quality website design development and long-term results. This is because of their vast experience and not only building quality websites but also working with a range of businesses and developing the relevant skill set and professionalism that is required.

Visit the website at TopWebDesign.Online – they are also available to have live video calls, chat on WhatsApp, email and of course meet in person.

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